Jennifer Sheshko Wood

Mother Courage & Her Daughters

University of Northern Iowa


Production Images

Production Description

For Mother Courage & Her Daughters, we were interested in representing parts of many times and many places, crafting our own aesthetic instead of a specific point in history. Because there would be an Ensemble present onstage at all times, melting in and out of the action, I created a nebulous solider look for them, over which they added character-specific garments.

To represent the distressed, devised nature of the production, I rendered the costumes in a messy style to show silhouette and colour palette, while still leaving room for the design to develop in rehearsal.


Rendered in Graphite & Inks.


Photo credits to Roland Ferie.

Director: Matthew Weedman

Light Designer: Scott Ollinger

Sound Designer:  Almeda Beynon

Scenic Designer: Mark A. Parrott

Costume Designer: Jennifer Sheshko Wood



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