Jennifer Sheshko Wood

Costume Designer

Crafts Artisan

Originally a designer from Montreal, Quebec I came to the States to pursue my MFA in costume design. In fall 2012, I joined the theatre faculty at the University of Northern Iowa to teach costume design and technology. Recently, I also took the position of Costumes and Wardrobe Administrator at the Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre where I am I costume designer in their summer season.


What draws me to theatre design is the world of every play; how each project is a new reality created by the production company. With costume design specifically, I delve deeply into each character and look at their personality, their environment and their given circumstances while designing highly detailed concepts.


During my time in the States and Montreal, I have had the pleasure of working with multiple companies and schools as a supervisor, designer, a stitcher, or as a crafts artisan. Most recently, with Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre, Akron University on a premiere musical, the Opera Theatre of St. Louis, the Indiana Repertory Theatre and the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. Past Montreal collaborations include Fallen Angel Productions, Geordie Productions, Tableau d’Hote Theatre and The Lakeshore Players.


As a professor, I have taught design and media courses, stagecraft costuming, experimental fabric manipulation courses as well as intro to theatre classes both for majors and in the Liberal Arts core.  I always look for new ways to engage and challenge the students. By offering workshops on rendering techniques, portfolio creation, crafting and sewing, I introduce  students to new skills and help them develop their portfolios.


I am active in USITT, attending the conference each year, acting as a portfolio reviewer and participating in panels and sessions for both the Costume Design & Technology Commission and the Education Commission.

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